About me

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Samarra, I am the owner of Wagga Event Hire & Styling. I love all things weddings, events and organising. I took over Wagga Event Hire and Styling in April 2019. Previous to that I worked for WEH&S during their busy wedding season. I studied wedding planning through the wedding planning institute in 2018. I crave projects no matter how big or small.
Because I like to be busy I set goals for myself. One of these goals is making my clients dream weddings and events come to life.
I have two children, a boy and a girl. I enjoy an active lifestyle where I play netball, touch football, running and a few other sports when I find the time.
I love making memories, caravanning, the outdoors, travel and of course my beautiful supportive family. I also hold down a 9-5 time job 4 days a week outside of Wagga Event Hire.

Here are some fun facts that you may not know about me.
⁃ I have 3 siblings, an older sister and 2 younger brothers, I’m a tomgirl at heart!
⁃ I have lived in Canada and New Zealand chasing snow, America for a summer camp. I’ve also traveled to Taiwan, Hawaii, Thailand, Bahamas, Germany, England, New Caledonia. Many more to tick of my list one day.
⁃ I am an adrenaline junkie, sky diving, bungee jumping, bridge climbing, white water rafting are a few of my favorite experiences!
⁃ Growing up I loved all things drawing, arts and crafts. I have a love of taking photos and making memories, maybe one day I’ll buy myself a decent camera.
⁃ I planned my coastal wedding while living here in the Riverina in 2013.
⁃ We built our house in 2016 and loved every minute of the planning.
⁃ I was born on the NSW South Coast, in a little town called Pambula.
⁃ I gave birth to both my children with no form of pain relief. Some would say I’m insane… I’m strong willed!
⁃ We got married all over again in 2020. It was a dream to have the kids at our big day and we ticked it off our list.
⁃ I have an addiction to shoes! Now that I’m a mum my priorities have changed, I have no time to shop but I still have my fair share of shoes.
⁃ I drink a weak coffee.
⁃ I can’t stand when the toilet roll runs out, there always has to be spares (providing you can get your hands on some during global pandamic).
⁃ I don’t watch any form of TV, never have probably never will.
⁃ I have to have my washing turned in the correct way before hanging it out and folded when it comes in.
⁃ I struggle to cook 2 minute noodles (my husband handles all the cooking).

A big shout out to @sallyduggancapturinglife for making me stand still for a photo on my own so I could pop it on here to show my face.